Decorating your room can either be a really fun project or a complete nightmare – and if you lack ideas and 

time, then this task has got “trouble” written all over it. Whichever way, Eazy Wallz has got a great solution 

for you: photographic wall murals that can make your dull room come alive!

I have to confess, I haven’t tried them myself, but the examples on Eazy Wallz website look absolutely 

incredible. They can instantly teleport you to any place in the world, be it Africa or Paris, or lift you up to the 

clouds to see the panorama of New York. The lightly textured Eazy Wallz murals not only are as thin canvas, 

they also don’t rip, wrinkle, tear or stretch. According to their website, they’re also easy to install, as the 

peal-and-stick feature gives you more than one shot at sticking them nicely.

Has anyone tried them? Are they as good as they look?

Wall Murals

If living off the grid is your thing, then the Tricycle House is the perfect dwelling for you. Designed by the teams at 
People’s Architecture Office and People’s Industrial Design Office, this mobile home brings hope to certain areas 
of China, specifically where owning land is merely impossible.
The man powered home is connected to a bicycle, allowing you to easily migrate at any given time, and the 
lightweight plastic construction makes it a breeze for anyone to power the house. The polypropylene plastic is 
quite special due to the fact that it can be folded without losing its strength, and the translucent color allows 
natural sunlight to enter the dwelling all day. The Tricycle House comes equipped with everything you need to live 
including a sink, stove, bathtub, water tank, and multifunction furniture.


What’s a handy fellow to do when he has little more than a chainsaw, a hammer and a one-inch chisel? Build 

Hobbit House! Designed and built by Simon Dale along with family and friends, this cozy home in Wales housed 

Dale and family while he was doing ecological woodland management in the surrounding area. While not 

technically underground, it was dug into the hillside and has a true “Hobbit” feel, don’t you think? 

A look inside reveals a cozy living space. Wooden details create warmth, and a variety of light sources achieve a 

golden glow

Wales’ Hobbit House

As a bride-to-be, I know one big challenge for brides is designing the perfect wedding bouquet that fits 
everything from their color scheme to their wedding style. I’m having a simple garden wedding at home, 
so I plan to go with a simple white and purple calla lily bouquet, with my maid of honor carrying a smaller 
calla lily bunch.
The options are seemingly endless though. From traditional roses to bouquets that aren’t even made of 
flowers, there’s something for everyone. If you’re planning a wedding (or you just love weddings and 
flowers), here’s some bouquet design inspiration that you might enjoy.

Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Small space dwellings come with pros and cons. With many not having the extra space for overnight guests, 
accommodating this issue can become a problem for plenty of people. While murphy beds have been a popular 
topic for decades, the Lollisoft pull-down bunk beds are a fresh twist on the classic piece.
Designed by Guilio Manzoni, these beds allow you to have multiple guests at once while still saving floor space 
for the majority of the time. Italian manufacturer Clei offers the bed system in a vast array of materials and 
finishes, and even a variety of configurations.


Moskvich Sedan — Tema

What little boy hasn’t grown up wanting to be an astronaut at some point in their childhood? The design team at 
the Dutch based Snurk is looking to promote those dreams with the release of their Realistic Astronaut Bed Set.
This isn’t just some run of the mill astronaut duvet cover, this duvet cover is the real deal from the official 
European Space Agency. The bed set is crafted from 100% soft cotton percale, and comes complete with pillow 
cases and tuck. The set will be available for purchase from the Snurk online store when it releases on March 1st,